Soldiers: Heroes of World War II Gameplay

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II is an action real-time strategy game, developed by Ukrainian company Best Way in 2004. This is the first game in the series of “Soldiers” games.

The game is very realistic - with limited supply of fuel and ammo, your soldiers can experience fatigue after moving for too long which requires restoring. You can destroy almost any building and damage almost every movable and immovable object. This is all due to the physics engine that makes Soldiers so entertaining.

One of the most interesting and helpful features is a manual control which allows you to move any soldier or military vehicle more precisely. When you switch to manual control mouse is responsible for aiming and arrow keys on the keyboard - for the movement. Thus, there’s more chance to hit the target. You can also fire single shots in the case of low ammo. While driving a tank you can switch between the main gun and coaxial machine gun, and choose the type of shells.

But, having all the good moments, there are only 3 kinds of shooting weapons: pistols, machine guns and sniper rifles. Also 3 types of grenades are available, dynamite and knives that can only be thrown at enemies.

Time from time you can stumble upon grenade launchers and heavy machine guns that can be used to neutralize any enemy vehicle.

There are 4 main campaigns which allow you to play for the US, England, Russia (the USSR) and Germany. All campaigns are quite difficult which makes this game replayable. You also have many tactical ways to choose from and decide how exactly you want to accomplish this or that mission. Our advice – be stealthy!

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