Sacred (Gold Edition) Walkthrough Part 3

We continue our journey through the map of Ancaria. In this article we will describe the most interesting parts of the Swamp, the Eastern Desert and the Western Desert.

The Swamp


In the Eastern part of the map there is a low-lying flat terrain with plenty of water. Two of the most interesting places to visit and gain experience would be the valley of Zhurag - Nar with the usual mixed forests and the extensive mangroves of the Forgotten Swamps of Azschabrag. These are mainly inhabited by small human villages, but there is one major city Mystdale where things might get spicy – so beware!

A shortlist of enemies in this area includes goblins, dark elves, wizards, energy beings and various swamp monsters, especially spiders - all these creatures have increased resistance to poison (tip - use physical and fire damage). Also you can find three dragons here; one of them is peaceful and gives you various quests. 



The Eastern Desert



Located on the south of the map there is a plain with small dunes surrounded by mountains. In the southern part there is a seaside and one island and one river which starts deep in the mountains.

There are several orc and a couple human settlements. On the north and west you can fight orcs and ogres, and to the south and east – fight the undead and cave fish that are very hostile (but you can get a lot of experience points here). Orcs have a strong physical resistance, and the undead and fish are resistant to poison damage (tip – use fire and magic). There is one dragon in this desert which you can easily kill if you’re smart.

In our next part of Sacred (Gold Edition) walkthroughs we will talk about the Western Desert and the Volcano area.

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