The Banner Saga Review

Here is a fine example of a truly great 2D game, which is almost unimaginable in 3D and even if it was in 3D it would definitely loose all of its charm.

The Banner Saga Review

You can watch the launch trailer here.

The World

It is no secret that main inspiration for all fantasy-based games lies in the Scandinavian mythology. This is where ex-developers of Bioware dug their heads in to create one of the most detailed maps we've ever seen in a project like this. It immediately gives you a hint on how much work was put into the project.
As usual in the center of the conflict lies an epic battle between two races: humans and giants. From a strategic point of view The Banner Saga is very simple - all you got to do is take care of your caravan by feeding them in time or you will quickly loose your people in the fights.

The Gameplay

There are two kinds of battles: small ones which require tactical approach and large ones where strategic decisions are needed to be made. Though fighting system is quite samey, where you have to decide mostly between two things: either destroy the enemy's shield first or hit for damage at once. But it will keep you engaged nonetheless.
Another good thing about tactical fights is the reward system, which allows you to earn points and then use them to promote your characters.

The Story

The game is packed with cut scenes full of dialogues and decision-making, so if you want quick action - this game is not for you. But those who like their games slow and thoughtful The Banner Saga may become one of their favorites.
Every decision here influences the consequences of events and sometimes things that seemed right to fight for appear to be fault later on and this is the point where you understand that The Banner Saga is not for kids.

In conclusion

This is only the first chapter of three but we already can't wait for the rest of this well told story. The gameplay takes about 10 hours of your precious time, so be sure that tactical RPG is your thing and don't expect to save wherever you like - this is oldschool gaming at its best.
RFR Score - 4.5 / 5

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