"Dark Souls 2" Review

The first Dark Souls was almost simultaneously released with Skyrim, and not only withstood the competition but managed to form a huge fan base and set the trend for other developers to create some of the darkest, insanely complex and exciting action RPGs. Read our review of Dark Souls 2.

Dark Souls 2 Review

The main aspect of the game is its combat system and as a whole it hasn’t changed. It is a complex mechanism that mostly resembles medieval battles but with no dismemberment involved. Every attack should be accurately verified, the key to success here is the skill where every move counts.
Although not related, Dark Souls 2 starts a few decades after the first game. The protagonist wanders through the kingdom of Drangleic in search of deliverance from the curse of undead. On your way you will fight various monsters: zombies, mutants and other scum. This is one of the few games where the designers were not afraid to let their imagination fly, and as the result we got some absolutely disgusting creatures. Despite this, the sequel is much “brighter", due to the fact that there are more sunny locations, and now it’s possible to light the torches, which serve as additional sources of light. In some places it is vital, like dark basements, infested by monsters, where it's pitch-dark.
Souls are still the main currency. You can level up, buy items and other goods, upgrade your equipment, etc. One of the main advantages of the game is the level design. Here locations are huge and complex: forest mazes, small villages and caves, medieval castles, etc. Each location branches into passages and alleys where there are all sorts of useful items.
In the world of Dark Souls characters are gloomy and depressed. Short but sad conversations make an invaluable contribution to the construction of the general atmosphere. Here every action has its consequences, search every corner for invisible walls, chests, and other secrets. Dark Souls 2 is truly enormous. There is no single element that would not play a role - if you see a locked door, you’ll have to find the key sooner or later.
Nobody can guarantee a pleasant outcome, death awaits at every turn. Dark Souls 2 is a heaven for masochists. Sometimes it seems that you’ll have a nervous breakdown, but then you stop for a moment, calm down, gather your strength and continue to fight. You have to think. Calculate each step and never forget to upgrade your endurance, strength, armor, weapons and most importantly learn your enemies: how many of them are there? how do they move? are they covered by archers or mages? Play with a warm heart, a cool head and go with the flow.
Visually Dark Souls 2 is better than its predecessor but we do believe many gamers not familiar with the franchise (if there are any) will complain about graphics – but this is not the point. Obstacles justify this game’s complexity and hardcoreness, which many fear. This game has its own approach to establish contact with the player and it can easily alienate many. They are likely to simply call it awkward and unplayable.
In conclusion, Dark Souls 2 is an exhibition of avant-garde, and if you want to enjoy it you’ll have to accept its rules and understand that mistakes are unforgivable. And when all the pieces of the puzzle come together you will develop a feeling of true beauty and depth for Dark Souls, and then you can be proud of yourself.
RFR Score - 4.5/5

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