Reviews: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Honestly, the story could be much better and not because it’s incomplete. It just follows the same laws and rules as the previous games of the series. Nothing really new here. Edward Kenway is the main character – he’s a pirate, who dreams of a few simple things: to be free, rich and loved by women.

Puzzles, intrigue, and investigations – it’s all in there, as usual. Only this time, in the real world we get the chance to be right in the heart of the evil empire - in the office of Abstergo. If you want to know what is really going on here, then accomplish secondary missions and get access to the computers of other employees.


Gameplay is based primarily around offshore adventures. From the very beginning of the trip we discover that the entire map is completely open. Of course, there are places to avoid because of their high-level patrol ships, which can destroy your ship in a matter of seconds. But generally the freedom of movement is captivating. If you managed to destroy an enemy’s ship, there are two options:

1. Drown it and take away half of the goods.
2. Go on board the ship. To capture it you’ll need to kill a certain number of sailors, and sometimes the captain.

But it can get boring after you do it a couple of times.

Mostly the game is based on strategy here, you can:

- reduce the level of your ship’s fame so it will no longer be pursued by the other ships
- pick up a sailor or attach the ship to a fleet (this allows access to new strategic mode)
- make your fleet collect valuable resources etc.

Weather effects are stunning and can directly affect the gameplay. If your ship is caught in a storm, it’s not just a change of weather, but a truly dangerous situation. Killer waves and tornadoes can seriously damage your ship. Add to that an almost zero visibility and poor maneuverability and you'll want to avoid storms as much as possible. Especially if you are in a restricted area, which is patrolled by enemy ships. But the charm of the sea is nothing in comparison to adventures on the land and not in a good way. We find ourselves in Havana which has no architectural diversity, only villages. And that’s simply boring. Missions aren’t exciting in anyway, well, maybe except of the stealth system here is slightly better, but everything else like chasing another thief - no, thank you, the fights – just boring.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag was destined to be another success in the series, simply because a pirate theme has always attracted the attention of gamers. People just can’t get past it and Ubisoft know this very well. So from a business point of view Black Flag made its money back already before it even hit the stores. So, if you love the series and the sea battles in general, then this is definitely your kind of game.

RFR Score - 3.5/5

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