Playthroughs: Sacred (Gold Edition) Part 1

Sacred – is a fantasy role-playing computer game from the German company Ascaron. The first of a series of games is set in the universe of Sacred - the continent Ancaria, during which the player by selecting one of the proposed characters travels to the mainland by completing various tasks.

The wizard named Shaddar has come to this world, or rather, it is just a part of his nickname, on the language of the dark elves meaning "wanderer of shadows.” He comes from a well-known family - one of his ancestors was a king Morgast I, who drowned the country in the blood of fratricidal wars.

Shaddar moved even further: not happy with the amount of inherited wealth, he decided to subjugate the forces of darkness, for which he sacrificed his own sister. However, the community of magicians of the kingdom awoke and decided that Shaddar should be burned at the stake as soon as possible. But the king Valorian I chose exile instead of the death penalty.


Since then, it took several centuries, during which Shaddar accumulated his forces somewhere in the southern deserts, bringing terror to the orcs, goblins and ogres. He has built up his castle Shaddar-Nur on lifeless rocks, and began recruiting an army of goblins, subordinated to the will of his magic, to improve their skills in the field of black magic and find a way into the realm of the dead.

Shaddar needed to get there and come back alive, by alliance with the demon of Sakkara, a descendant of the lord of demons Vorganara who was killed by the Seraphim who was sent by the forces of light in ancient times, when the darkness has made previous attempts to take over the world. Now history repeats again.

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