7 Ways How Play Station 4 and Xbox One Define the Future (Part 2)

Next generation consoles aren't made just to satisfy hungry gamers' ambitions by increasing the quality and quantity of particles and FX in their most anticipated games but to change the future of home entertainment in general.

7 Ways How Play Station 4 and Xbox One Define the Future (Part 2)

More Microtransactions

Need for Speed Rivals screenshot

After the release of an exclusive racing game Forza for Xbox One players discovered that the most expensive cars in the game can be purchased for real money by skipping the long and tedious process of game credit accumulation. But the prices were too high and caused a wave of outrage among fans. So, Microsoft reduced prices twofold, but the possibility to pay real money was left untouched. If this experiment proves successful, soon a possibility of real purchases may appear everywhere.



More Online

Cloud Powered xbox one

If your console is permanently connected to the Internet, it will take care of itself by updating games in the background to not distract you from the gaming process. Captured videos and screenshots are automatically published to Facebook. Moreover, soon you will not even need to be around the console. Microsoft announced their Living Games technology, which will study the behavior of the player, so that later it will be able to replace you during online games that you can’t take part in due to absence. Your friends will be able to compete with artificial intelligence, which copies your playing style, your name and is able to earn achievements and virtual money instead of you.

More QR

xbox one qr games

Boxed compact discs lose their meaning these days. You can easily download any game at the very day of release from online services. If you still feel like purchasing something physical Xbox one games are delivered on a cardboard sheet with cover design and a QR-code which you let your Kinect scan only once to let the game download and install itself.

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