7 Ways How Play Station 4 and Xbox One Define the Future (Part 1)

Next generation consoles aren't made just to satisfy hungry gamers' ambitions by increasing the quality and quantity of particles and FX in their most anticipated games but to change the future of home entertainment in general.

More Indie


the witness indie game

Producing games for consoles was never a piece of cake due to a certain amount of limitations. For example, to submit a project at Sony you had to buy a developer’s kit which cost $2,500, that’s why most indie producers concentrated on games for PC, phones and pads. But this summer Sony began giving away PS4 developer kits to independent producers for free. Also every 3 months the European branch of the company will hold a conference in London gathering indie devs from all over the world. So, from now on Sony and Microsoft will allow developers to publish their games in digital services for free. Expect an emergence of a lot more new little games in the future.




More Sharing

Twitch TV

Internet is overloaded with custom screenshots of games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which allow you to record, quickly edit videos and immediately send them to YouTube. Both consoles allow live broadcasts of gameplays and their comments at Twitch TV (a popular service for video gamers). You don’t need webcams anymore or learn how to use video and sound editing software etc. Now the only thing you need is a next-gen console.

 More Mobile


handheld gaming

These days consoles and phones are interconnected more than ever: Watch Dogs mobile app will allow cops to chase other players, The Division will allow the use of flying drones, and Battlefield 4 already has a commander mobile mode. Video games will become even a bigger part of your life – that is inevitable.

More Multiplayer


destiny game

Destiny is the game that will change the face of multiplayer online games. It will gather players of the same level in the same game world, creating the most favorable conditions for everybody involved in the game process. It does not matter if you want to play campaign only - now your enemies may be living people who will share a common world. The separation of single and online multiplayer games now disappears. Instead of different modes in one online game there will be a single big world for everyone.
To be continued...

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