Sacred (Gold Edition) Walkthrough Part 4

As promised our next Sacred walkthrough article will lead us to the areas of the Western desert and the Volcano.

Sacred (Gold Edition) Walkthrough Part 4

The Western Desert

It is separated from the Eastern desert of which we talked about in the previous Sacred article by a large mountain range with a gorge. In the south you can find an access to the sea. This region is much smaller than any of the previous ones, and all subsequent regions of Ancaria we will be describing in this series of walkthroughs.

Water is completely absent here, as well as vegetation, except for small areas by the coast of the sea. The climate is tropical. On the South and North there are destroyed human and orc settlements. Most of this area is captivated by undead, only in the northern part you will find orcs to fight and gain experience.



The Volcano Area

A small area covered with mountains occupies a plateau in the south-west of Ancaria. Instead of rivers you’ll see lava streams that literally permeate the entire ground of the region. Various beings inhabit local caves, they are virtually cut off from the outside world.

In the dungeons and on the surface you’ll fight a variety of monsters and flying creatures that are resistant to fire and physical damage. In one of the caves you can find a fire dragon.

In our next part of Sacred (Gold Edition) walkthroughs we will talk about the Northern region and the area of Shaddar-Nur.

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