"Thief" Review

It is really hard to suggest this reboot of Thief to the fans of the original game. Those who appreciate challenging stealth element in video games will be disappointed, as well, because the world of new Thief is nothing more but a collection of corridors and closets.

Thief review

An overall feeling tells us that maybe Thief is a bit unfinished and required another year of production but that would be too risky for the investors, right? Even the story feels clunky, as if the writers aimed at an audience which wouldn’t be interested in the narrative element that much or just simply skipping it, or simply didn’t care at all.
Thief definitely has its own magical atmosphere, weird devices, dark environment and other entertaining visual elements but this will never compensate the illogical decisions. For example, streets that are lighted by torches also have electric lamps – what’s the point?
Pure stealth is one of the hardest genres mechanics wise in the industry, so maybe it would be better to entrust such a complicated and important project to somebody with more care of the subject. Let’s take Dishonored, a much better version of original Thief, and let’s look at the developer - Arkane Studios, they’ve been dealing with so many various genres throughout years of development that at the end delivered a true gem.
But with all its problems Thief does look like an AAA project. One can completely ignore all the issues and just keep playing this hazy adventure – but sooner or later you find yourself with a question in your head, “So, why exactly am I playing this?” And here the question of motivation arises frequently, just like Garrett, the protagonist, does during the whole gameplay.
But everything above concerns the main mission only; the side quests, on the other hand, are very good. They follow a completely different pattern and we are more than sure they’ve been written by other people than those who took “so much care” of the main story. Side missions have a certain humor to them and, of course, you don’t want to go back to the main mission at all – it’s that dull, boring and completely humorless.
Although, some chapters had so much potential to be really strong and impactful; but again were simply unfinished on the paper. In conclusion, you wouldn’t lose a thing if never played the Thief reboot. And if you decide to play it, than be sure to expect very little.
RFR Score - 2.5/5

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