"Super Kid Cannon" Review

If, by any chance, you thought it is impossible to create anything new in the field of mobile gaming, sorry, but you were wrong. Super Kid Cannon, maybe, is not exactly groundbreaking but it does feel like a breath of fresh air.

Super Kid Cannon Review

You can watch the Super Kid Cannon trailer here.

There is no real story in SKC but it has enough means to motivate your gameplay, and what’s really important here is the game mechanics. The developers call it – vertical launcher, where you have to shoot your hero out of cannons that are placed throughout five beautifully designed worlds that remind us of a “ladder to heaven”. By the way, the graphic design is fantastic, a true eye-candy.
Every level has its own puzzling obstacles, and it’s not the kind of game you can rush through, sometimes you need to hold your breath and just wait a bit for the right moment to come. It also gave us a bit of the “Pinball” feeling, but a much advanced version of the classic game. Although, the level designer, Isai Oviedo, told us in this interview that their main inspirations were classical games like Mario and Donkey Kong, we suppose pinball machines made some huge influence on the basic mechanics of the gameplay, as well.

Anyway, SKC managed to hold our attention for a long period of time, unlike many other routine mobile games that hold you for 5-10 minutes and then annoy you. And this effect is mainly reached due to high-quality graphic design full of colors and creative solutions, intriguing and smart level design, and simple but effective gameplay. Basically all you have to do is to tap cannons at the right moments and here timing is crucial for a successful playthrough.
There is one downpoint, though - it’s the sound design (that’s why we decided to cut 0.5 points). Don’t get us wrong, it does the job and mobile games don’t need to have the ultra sound of the AAA console video games but for some reason it threw us out of the experience. But let’s be honest, sounds in mobile games are and always were their weakest point and their most annoying element. Just look at people’s faces around you in a public transport while playing with your sound on :D

In conclusion, we would recommend SKC to anybody who loves playing mobile games but is a bit tired of all the same formulas – here’s the perfect solution. Super Kid Cannon is innovative and full of fun, what else do we need?
RFR Score - 4.5/5

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