"Loading Human" Adventure For The Oculus Rift

Untold Games announced its new project - Loading Human, an upcoming adventure video game, which is developed exclusively for a virtual reality device - Oculus Rift.

Loading Human screenshot 1

Loading Human: Adventure For The Oculus Rift

According to the developers, the gameplay was inspired by such classic adventure games as The Secret of Monkey Island, and at the same time, the game will have no interface. This means that players will explore the environment, pick up objects and use them without any prompting.
In Loading Human the players will take on the role of Andre who suffers from Alzheimer's and quickly loses his memory. His wife - Michelle doesn't want him to forget about them and their relationships, so she puts him in the virtual world knwon as Loading Human, which is created to help Andre relive his life and to store it in a digital form.
In addition to the Oculus Rift device, the players will also use controllers for motion capture to create a truly immersive gameplay.

Loading Human screenshot

Loading Human screenshot

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