Top MMO News: December 2013

At the end of the year we decided to gather a short list of December news from the world of MMO that you might have missed, and most of which weren't highlighted in our blog before.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date Announced

Developers finally announced the launch date of TES Online for PC and MAC - April 14, 2014. Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have to wait for another couple of months, for them it will be available somewhere in June.
TES Online will be the first online platform in the universe of the famous RPG game. You can watch the announcement trailer here.

MechWarrior Online Clan Invasion Expansion Release Date Announced

mechwarrior online dragon robot

MechWarrior Online developers reported that the biggest expansion in the history of the game - Clan Invasion into the Inner Sphere will be released on June 17th, 2014. This is a key conflict in the universe of BattleTech, many fans will surely be delighted to fight on the side of the Clans (or against them), trying out new modes and new robots.
Right now you can purchase a premium package on the game's official website, which includes new robots, new equipment and other bonuses. Prices vary from $30 to $240, and if you're willing to spend another $500, you can purchase a unique golden robot, which earns 30% more money for its owner in the game.



Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Delayed

hearthstone heroes of warcraft screenshot

Blizzard has decided to postpone the launch of the online card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft until January 2014. The exact date is not announced yet, but given the winter holidays, it should be expected closer to the second half of the month.
However, all those who are really waiting for Hearthstone, had the opportunity to try out the game as part of the closed beta test - simultaneously with the news about the postponement of the game Blizzard sent out invitations to everyone who has applied earlier for the test. And if you decide to apply for it right now, you'll get the invitation within hours.

DayZ Standalone Alpha Sales Exceed All Expectations

DayZ Standalone screenshot

Developers fulfilled their long-standing promise to launch the alpha version of the game during winter - though a year later than promised. Nonetheless it did not deter fans from the project - in the first day Bohemia Interactive has sold 172,000 pieces of DayZ early access. Despite the fact that the game is still in a very raw shape.
Alpha version is far from DayZ Standalone we have all been waiting for. Developers obviously need at least few months to ensure that the game will be acceptable. Read our review of DayZ Standalone Alpha here.

Warhammer Online Servers Shut Down Permanently

warhammer online screenshot

On December 19th EA Mythic has shut down Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning servers permanently. The game was launched in September 2008 and initially proved to be very popular. The project was mainly focused on PvP-mode. But developers have not been able to bring balance into the gameplay and later even decided not to release it as a free-to-play game.
Andrew Meggs, one of the developers of the project, published an open letter to Electronic Arts officially asking them to allow him to make a single-player version of the game. So, we may still have a chance to see Warhammer.

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