Top 5 Most Controversial Games of 2013

This year was not just one of the best years for video games it was also one of the most controversial years for video games. Read more to see our list of top 5 most controversial video games of 2013.

Top 5 Most Controversial Games of 2013

Saints Row 4

saints row 4 cover

Australian ratings system exposed scandalous game Saints Row IV. This time the imagination of developers went too far. As a result this game was refused of classification and therefore it did not fit under any permissible age rating adopted in the country. To avoid conflict and financial losses an edited version of the game was rated MA15 +. Eventually the trailer for the game referred to the Saints Row IV as "a game Australia did not want you to play."

Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island: Riptide cover

Zombie fans and lovers of all sorts of major disasters were shocked after «Zombie Bait Edition» - a Collector's Edition kit - was announced this January. It consisted of a statuette of the dismembered torso of a woman covered in blood. Apparently it was designed to satisfy gamers with an acquired taste. Nonetheless Deep Silver had to apologize and promised to remove a dismembered statue from the kit. However Zombie Bait Edition still went on sale unchanged, though on a smaller scale than previously planned.

The Last of Us

The Last Of Us cover

European gamers were unpleasantly surprised that their version of the game’s mulltiplayer was different from the one that came out in North America. Gamers were outraged that the differences were not officially announced, and some said they would order the U.S. version if they knew that NA release was much bloodier.



Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens Colonial Marines cover

After purchasing the game players recognized that promotional game trailers did not reflect the actual quality of the game and were completely misleading. Complaints were based on the absurd difference between the gameplay videos and the actual gameplay. Since then SEGA released a lot of patches which exceeded ten gigabytes in total. Changes and improvements had undergone most of the game, ranging from animation with textures and ending with qualitative rendering methods.


Grand Theft Auto 5 cover

In addition to typical accusations concerning the promotion of antisocial lifestyle, destruction of morals and values, the game used rapper’s Daz Dillinger intellectual property without his permission. According to Daz, Rockstar appealed to him about the use of the song in the game, but the price of four thousand dollars did not satisfy him and he refused. But the track appeared in the game nonetheless. Another scandal involved actress Lindsay Lohan. According to Lindsay, Rockstar used her image for the cover art of the game. At the moment she negotiates with lawyers about the possibility of filing a lawsuit against a large company.

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