Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

We’ve chosen our top 5 video games we can’t wait in 2014. There are no real surprises in this list simply because so many people expect the same bunch of games; however you may find one or two that you might have missed to consider.

Our Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Dark Souls 2

The developers promised to make Dark Souls 2 a little more accessible to rookie gamers, but only in the beginning of the adventure. Further on it gets just like the first Dark Souls – extremely difficult. We only hope that this time PC version will be less buggy than the first one. Dark Souls 2 is scheduled for the mid-March release.

Watch Dogs

This game has one of the most interesting concepts ever presented to the gaming community. It tells the story of a lone hacker who uses some of the most sophisticated techniques to control Chicago’s communication systems. It had a long period of development and lately was postponed a few times but all due to developers’ promises to make the game better. Hopefully we will play Watch Dogs this spring or at least during summer.


Thief is one of those rare pure stealth games that have really high level of production and attention to detail. However, hardcore fans of the series complain about the reboot idea as being too soft and heading towards commerciality, hence easy difficulty of the gameplay. But this February we will all have a chance to see if it’s true or not. And we really hope it’s not.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

It was the first game that actually showed the possibilities of the new generation of consoles in terms of graphics. The Division really looks amazing. All due to the brand new corporate engine - Snowdrop, the possibilities of which were demonstrated during VGX 2013. There is no official release date yet.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt will be radically different from the previous parts of the series. CD Projekt has not only changed the structure of the world, but also a whole bunch of other things including 33 alternative endings. The game is due out this year.

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