"Titanfall" Review

A dozen men in camouflage disembark from the aircraft and rush towards a direct confrontation with the forces of the enemy. Read our review of Titanfall.

Titanfall Review

On the ground, in the air, on the vertical and horizontal planes giant robots fall from heaven, landing directly on enemies' heads. Some brave souls remain on foot and use the environment as their own cunning to hunt war machines.
Titanfall was created by Respawn Entertaiment, the same people that once created Call of Duty. Now they managed to reinvent online shooters, and that's why the tale about the Titans has won the people's love and place in the pantheon of glory.
Players are given a balanced territory, where both soldiers and Titans feel pretty comfortable. Twelve pilots face each other in combat. They have small groups of fighters, controlled by AI. This is an important aspect, because the presence of bots in the field allows all players, even the most inexperienced, to feel useful and important. Thus completely excluding any disappointment that newcomers may experience, unlike in Battlefield, finding themselves side by side with masters, which gives them no chance of survival.
Mechanics is designed in a way that everyone is free to choose how to fight. At any given moment one can use a shelter or a building for a whirlwind race around the walls and sliding down the ropes. This balance provides complete creative freedom and maneuverability where Titanfall constantly generates some exciting situations. And you can’t really hesitate here, otherwise you lose.

Each of the three types of robots has its weaknesses. "Strider" is very fragile, but fast, "Ogre" has enormous firepower and armor, but not very mobile, "Atlas" is something in between. Each type is perfectly tuned for a combat mission, and you don’t need to spend hours studying tutorial guides. In total there are 10 kinds of primary weapons, three additional and four anti-titan guns.
The main mode here is Attrition, reminds a lot of the classic Deathmatch. Due to the small size of maps and high speed, it turns into a rollercoaster. Almost nothing here can spoil the experience. As a result Titanfall turned out to be a perfectly balanced concept that really works. Nevertheless, it is still a concept. It still could be filled with an interesting plot, and a somewhat adjusted mechanics. The game still lacks details like internal services, advanced customization, configuration and statistics.
In a few years, maybe less, we will see Titanfall to have a number of distinct advantages over any other online shooter - freedom, endless drive and the feeling of invincibility. It's definitely worth it!
RFR Score - 4.5/5

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