How to Make Android Games. Part 1.

In this series of articles we will show you how to create your own mobile games for Android. We start by taking a look at the basics of LibGDX engine from Badlogic Games.

How to Make Android Games Part 1

In order to follow this simple tutorial you are required to know the basics of Java (programming language) and Eclipse (integrated development environment).
1. Start by downloading the latest LibGDX build here.
2. Then create two versions of the game, for mobile devices (Android) and desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), by creating two projects in "libgdx-ui-setup" utility that is included in the LibGDX package you just downloaded.
3. Install the client by executing "gdx-setup-ui.jar" in the LibGDX package. Then choose "Create" in order to create a new project. Let's take a look at the left panel first - "Configuration".
a) "Name" - this is the name of your game. Enter "test-game"
b) "Package" - this is the java package of your game. Enter "com.testgame"
c) "Game class" - this is the class of your game. Enter "MyTestGame"
d) "Destination" - this is the destination folder for your game. Choose the one you want.
e) When choosing the platform below add "Generate the desktop project". Unselect HTML and iOS projects.
4. Let's take a lok at the middle panel - "Library Selection". Here you should choose by browsing the folder your "" package. That's it for now.
5. Choose "Open the generation screen" on the 4th panel - "Generation". Then in the new panel choose "Launch". And we're done creating new project.
In the next part of the tutorial we will continue by looking at Eclipse (IDE).

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