How To Make Android Games. Part 2.

We continue our series of articles where we show you how to create your own mobile games for Android. In Part 2 we move on to the installation process of Eclipse (IDE).

How To Make Android Games Part 2

1. Start by downloading the latest standard Eclipse build here.
2. Execute the launch file and then choose the workspace by browsing for previously created folder titled "test-game".
3. In the open workspace we should choose "Workbench", in order to import our projects by doing the following: File->Import->Existing projects into workspace.
4. Press "Next". Here choose "Select root directory" and browse for the folder titled "test-game", select it and press "OK."
5. Select all of your projects (there should be 3 of them) and press "Finish".
6. After you've finished importing projects, in the left screen of Eclipse workspace (project tree) look for "test-game-desktop"->"src"->"" and double-click it.
7. Run it to test it, do the following: Run->Run as->Java application. That's it.
In our next tutorial we will look inside the project's code and learn its structure.
You can find Part 1 of this tutorial here.

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