Top 5 Online Video Games for PS4 and Xbox One

For a long time online video games were always considered exclusively for PC. Last year there was only a handful of multiplayer games released for consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. But 2014 brings new generation of games specifically designed for PS4 and Xbox One. Read more to find out our list of 5 titles that will revolutionize online gaming.

Top 5 Online Video Games for PS4 and Xbox One



This one is the most anticipated and talked about online sci-fi shooter from the developers of Halo franchise - Bungie. The story takes place in the future where humans will fight aliens to save their planet from invaders. Destiny will include single-player as well.

Developers promised loads of various missions, weapons and tactical possibilities. In order to fully appreciate the gameplay you will need to thoroughly upgrade your character as game promises a long lasting experience. Destiny's release date is September, 19.



The Elder Scrolls Online


Finally the famous RPG is set for online multiplayer. Developers promised that the story will be as good as it was in the original series. As usually gamers will need to accomplish multiple quests using different methods and tactics. The results will influence the development of the plot.

Fans of co-op gaming should prepare themselves for all kinds of dungeons and PvP battles. Three different factions will fight against eahc other for the right to rule one of the provinces. The Elder Scrolls Online will be released this Spring.



This is one of the most original concepts delivered by the creators of Call of Duty. Futuristic gameplay will have a few very interesting solutions. One of them is a vertical jump which allows your character to overpass huge distances.

But the most interesting feature of the game is Titans - huge controlled robots. They can carry other characters on their back and even protect their pilot from attacks independently. Titanfall release date is March, 13.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division Logo

The Division takes place on the post-apocalyptic Earth. Hunger and sicknesses make everyone who managed to survive suffer. Your job is to take care of these people.

Your character works for a company that tries to get things back into order. By cooperating with other players you will have to explore the world, accomplish various missions and help people to survive. Exact release date hasn't been announced yet.

PlanetSide 2


This is one of the most famous shooters in the history of online PC gaming and that's why 2014 will see the release of PlanetSide 2 for PS4. There are no rules in this game - only three huge continents and thousands of gamers take part in massive battles.

Your character can use various kinds of vehicles and battle costumes. All this equipment gives you a huge competitive advantage during the battle. PlanetSide 2 will be released in the beginning of 2014.

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