Playthroughs: Sacred (Gold Edition) Part 2

In the 2nd part of our walkthrough we move forward through the map. Read more to find out deatails about the central region of Ancaria and hints to guide you through some difficult areas.

The world of Sacred is quite extensive. It is divided into multiple regions with various topography, climate, nature, flora and fauna. These regions are inhabited by all kinds of living creatures. Humans usually can be found at trading posts, villages and major towns and cities. A vast sea is located in the South of Ancaria, with a hellworld and a few deserts adjacent to it.

Many islands, especially along the coast, are spread all over the south sea, but only Volcano, Hatchet Crab, Malorca, Pirate and Treasure islands are available (the latter one – only for Daemon character, which you can see later in our walkthrough) and several other small islands off the coast. South-East and North-West are covered with snow and ice, while central part of the world is generally covered by forests.

Central region – is mostly flat with frequent hills and cliffs; in the Northern part of the region large plateau can be found; the climate is temperate; the area is covered with mixed forests and meadows; there are large rivers and lakes; mountains stretch in the North, South and West. This is the largest region - it is widely inhabited by humans and their settlements (the largest cities are located in this region).

Enemies you’ll fight here are people, orcs and goblins, wizards, forest animals and occasionally flying monsters – they all are mostly resistant to physical and fire damage (hint – develop poison damage to kill your enemies quickly and effectively). In the West, on the plains of Tyr-Hadar, you’ll find two settlements: the villages of orcs and forest elves. Enemies consist of forest animals and large groups of ice elves – they are resistant to physical and magic damage. Four out of ten dragons of Ancaria inhabit the Central region of the world.

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