Gameplays: Perimeter

Perimeter is a real-time strategy game, developed by Russian company KD LAB in 2004. What makes this game unique in its genre is the destructibility of terrain which player uses for gaining resources to effectively defend its base and attack enemies.

Player is often forced to confront the geological processes that deplete the surface of the worlds inhabited by hostile creatures - "the scourge." Other key moments of the game to be mentioned are an ability of instant transformation of troops from one type to another on the battlefield, and full implementation of trench warfare.


In Perimeter player commands frames, controls the development of the base and manages combat operations in the role of “the legate”. If you follow the original story, the player will "move" from one legate to another. So you will be able to watch the unfolding events from different perspectives and also be able to play for legates of other factions. 


It consists of a series of 28 interconnected missions. The campaign also offers a short training where basic rules of the game are revealed. To win, the player must win all proposed matches (except training).

For example, you will need to: stay alive for a certain amount of time, bring your frame to the given point in the world to build certain facilities at these points; destroy nests of the scourge, etc. In between missions the player is shown a general map of the universe, where game takes place. 

    In Conclusion 

Perimeter is a clear proof that there is still room for creative imagination and non trivial ideas. Fortunately, KD LAB managed to avoid turning their offspring into some conceptual exercise.

Flying cities, artistic landscapes, gaining energy from the soil units, transformations, dramatic battles under protective field and interdimensional portals - simply beautiful and exciting real-time strategy with a powerful storyline, original game world and stunning graphics for its time. FZZRF6Y6Y6FY

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